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Rayton is a passionate youtuber who has been producing videos since 2012. Diving with sharks, testing anime weapons: he is known for daring concepts always crazier than the others! His good mood is contagious, and each of his videos will make you smile!

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With 5 YouTube channels under his belt, Rayton is full of energy when it comes to creating new content! On his main channel Rayton, you'll find mainly concepts, drawings, as well as videos that are a bit more personal.

Video game fans will be delighted by Raytonia, his gaming channel, where he tests a lot of games, from the biggest licenses to independent games.

He also reacts to all kinds of videos on Rayton 3.0 (TikTok compilations, funny stories, ...). The diversity of his videos allows everyone to find what they want!

Rayton is also a big fan of fashion, and he likes to stand out by adopting an extravagant look!

Passionate about music, he also directed 4 videos of songs he composed himself: Osiris, Night Girl, High, and Cours.

He takes a real pleasure to meet his community during festivals and conventions, so don't hesitate to come and see him! 


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