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Shao Dow

Rapper, manga author, and occasional ninja in his spare time, Shao Dow is waiting for you on stage at Japan Expo for a wild show.

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Shao Dow's life dramatically changes when he sees an episode of Dragon Ball Z for the first time. From that moment on, he decided to live his life as a shônen manga protagonist. After studying Kung Fu with Shaolin monks while living in China, Shao Dow used the tenacity and determination he learned from his martial arts training to forge his music career as an independent artist.

Known for rapping in English and Japanese, it's hard to define Shao as a regular artist. He composed music for the video game Fortnite and was featured on the first single of Tech N9ne's album "Asin9ne," blending the worlds of rap, anime, and video games.

In addition to his regular music releases, he has published a manga series through his own company, DiY Gang Entertainment.

When it comes to performing, Shao Dow puts on an unforgettable show. Blending skillful lyricism, infectious rhythms, and martial arts, he creates an unparalleled live experience.


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