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STARSEED'Z is a girl band made up of Kalee, Kanya, Léa and June, whose first single, ICONIC, was a runaway success. After their first appearance at Japan Expo Orléans 2023, they're conquering the stage at Japan Expo Marseille!

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A 4-piece girls' band, the group's music has a Pop and R&B feel. Four girls doing everything in their power to realize their dreams, bearing an image of strong women who want to convey their determination. Their dances are energetic, as are their inspirational lyrics, encouraging their fans to believe in their dreams and work hard to make them come true.


ICONIC is their first single, written by Shorelle, a 3x platinum-certified songwriter in the K-pop industry who has penned Twice's Crazy Stupid Love, Le Sserafim's No Celestial and No Return, The N9ne's Sphynx and Itzy's Chillin Chillin. The choreography, meanwhile, was created by Kim Miju of LJ Dance studio, who was one of the choreographers on Itzy's Cake music video, and the clip was shot in Thailand by director Song Sasawat, who regularly works for top Thai pop artists such as Milli from the 88rising label and 4EVE. The clip quickly became very popular and already boasts over 1.5 million views!

Last October, STARSEED'Z took to the stage for the first time at Japan Expo Orléans. Join them this time on stage at Japan Expo Marseille and at signing sessions!


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