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Crin d’encre, a musical tale

Crin d’encre is an adaptation of a Japanese traditional tale, with music and a painting performance: let yourself get carried away by the poetry of this story, the shinobue flute, and the movement of the brush on paper.

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Crin d’encre is a creature that appears in Hachiro’s dreams. It is born of the young boy’s passion for painting and is brought to life by his brush, a very special brush as it is a lock of Hachiro’s hair that covers silk paper with supple and powerful lines.

Crin d’encre comes out of the paper like some magical apparition, a gracious and agile colt with a thunder cloud coat and night black mane. It prances joyfully in the fields the temple monks have been farming, carelessly trampling on them.


The Crin d’encre show will feature Pao Pi in an adaptation of a traditional tale, to the sound of music and illustrated by a live painting performance.


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