Japan Expo Sud - February 24-26, 2023
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Live your passion for manga and anime

Fan of Japanese manga and anime? Japan Expo Sud, 12th Wave, is the perfect event for you! Here we summarize all the activities and the guests related to these two themes this year.

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Japan Expo Sud, 12th Wave, prepared a great manga and anime program for you again this year! From Brigitte Lecordier, the French voice of Son Goku, the Animaniak booth and their quiz and karaoke anime-themed, the Art et Mouvement school which teaches you to draw manga, to the Dynamic Heroes or Buichu Terasawa exhibitions: fans will be served!



  • Brigitte Lecordier: come meet the famous voice actress who gave her voice to Son Goku, Son Gohan et Son Goten as kids in Dragon Ball!


  • Animaniak: Come and test your knowledge of Japanese pop culture with Animaniak! Giant quiz, blind test, karaoke...


  • Manga workshops: you want to learn how to draw like a mangaka? Or to improve your style? Get your pencils: the ART ET MOUVEMENT workshop will be welcoming you!
  • Dioramas: discover the action figures of your favorite heroes in the heat of the action amidst Star Hill Team’s sets and models! The collective will be exhibiting dioramas at the festival.
  • Exhibition Au cœur de Lovecraft: join Howard & Co's detective agency and dive in H.P. Lovecraft's dark and surreal universe… 
  • Dynamic Heroes exhibition: Do you like Grendizer? Mazinger Z? Devilman? Then don't miss the dream series for fans of master Gô Nagai!
  • Exhibition Buichi Terasawa: discover the work of the legendary mangaka, author of Cobra in particular, in a retrospective exhibition.
  • Parkage: the Vitrolles shop invites you to discover board games and complete your Pokémon and YuGiOh card collections.


Find the whole program of the festival to prepare you! You can create your personalized agenda, to be found in your web space or on the mobile application.

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