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ICWA – Puroresu

For the very first time, pro wrestling (puroresu in Japanese) is featured at Japan Expo Sud! Six European pro wrestlers unchain their style on the ring. You want to give it a try to? Let’s do it with the initiation sessions!

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In Japan, pro wrestling goes back to the 19th century. It’s called puroresu, which comes from the Japanese way of saying pro wrestling. In 2019 for the first time, a ring is set at Japan Expo Sud in partnership with the ICWA (International Catch Wrestling Alliance).

Six European wrestlers are about to perform an outstanding show: whether they’re on the rough strength side or more of acrobats, they will be performing everyday of the festival! And let’s find out about the attending pro wrestlers (click the links to know more about them):


Everyday, initiation classes, matches, and signings are planned, to make you try wrestling, admire the wrestlers on the ring, and meet them!

Organized three times a day, initiation classes invite you to test the sensations of wrestlers on the ring thanks to the advice given by Pierre BOOSTER Fontaine, ring veteran and famous coach.

After the initiations, it’s up to pro wrestlers to shake the ring and fight: three matches per day and as many impressive shows. Signings take place afterwards.

We’ll give you the complete schedule in the upcoming weeks!


En partenariat avec l’ICWA : www.icwacatch.com

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