Japan Expo Sud - March 5-7, 2021
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The author of the French manga Save me Pythie will be meeting you at Japan Expo Sud, in partnership with Kana: take a deep dive into ancient Greece and follow Pythie’s adventures with Elsa BRANTS!

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Elsa BRANTS was born in Montpellier, France in 1975. At age 12, secretly influenced by the improbable "mix" of Gotlib and Rumiko TAKAHASHI (Lamu), she decided to dedicate her life to comics. She spent many week-ends and holidays drawing her first story which is now 900 pages long... and still remains unfinished!

Ten years later, Elsa BRANTS met Guillaume LAPEYRE at a fanzine and they decided to be partners, in both their professional and personal lives. They are now married, have two kids, and have finished their first series, Les Chroniques de Magon, him drawing and her coloring.

She has colored many other comics... but that was not enough anymore: she wanted to draw! She set her first manga back in the time of ancient Greece’s myths, a story she wrote and illustrated: Save me Pythie. After the French success of Save me Pythie, the manga has started to sell on two Japanese platforms, Garakunomori and Digital Catapult, and to be distributed with over 30 eBook stores in Japan. An international success coming up!

Elsa BRANTS has come back in 2019 with an autobiographical one-shot, Par Le Pouvoir des dessins animés (the power of anime), that tells her story and goes back over the success of manga in France.

Don’t miss Elsa BRANTS at Japan Expo Sud: come meet her at signings on Saturday and Sunday, and attend her draw battle facing Romain Lemaire, French mangaka author of Everdark, on Sunday morning!



In partnership with Kana: www.kana.fr

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