Japan Expo Sud - March 5-7, 2021
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Japan Expo Sud 11th Wave Digest

Japan Expo Sud has begun to unveil its programming for its 11th edition. If you haven’t followed all of our news in the latest weeks, here is what you need to catch up. More announcements are coming up in January: follow our news!

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  • Romain Lemaire: the author of Everdark, new phenomenon of French manga, will be meeting you at the festival (with Pika Édition)

It’s showtime!


Activities and events


  • Ticketing: 1-day tickets, week-end and 3-day passes, and Zen Tickets are on sale on our website. Book them now to get the best rates!
  • First visit: all the information you need to discover Japan Expo Sud with a peaceful mind are on this page.
  • Opening hours, rush hours, services, jens…: all the information to organize your visit is in our attendee’s guide.

To find out about the program of Japan Expo Sud 11th Wave, follow our news on our website and social networks (facebook & twitter) until the festival: see you on Feb. 28 to March 1st, 2020 at Marseille Chanot!

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