Japan Expo Sud - February 24-26, 2023
Join us! 24 Days 04 : 21 : 23

Japanese sport is at Japan Expo Sud!

Judo, karate, aikido... are you practicing, as a beginner or advanced? Maybe you just know these names and want to get on the tatami for the first time? At Japan Expo Sud, enjoy sports experiences through many initiations and demonstrations!

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The reputation of Japanese martial arts is know by erveryone! At Japan Expo Sud, come and try judo, karate, aikido or even kendo and kempo on the tatamis of the Budô area! The clubs of the county await you for initiations and demonstrations.

Psst... For a sport of a different kind, come and try Lasertag urgently at the Volt Events booth, where infrared blaster weapons promise epic battles!


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  • Volt Events: an unmissable stand where you can try your hand at lasertag: epic laser weapon battles in perspective!


Retrouvez tout le programme du festival pour vous préparer ! Vous pouvez créer votre agenda personnalisé, à retrouver dans votre espace web ou sur l'application mobile.

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