Japan Expo Sud - February 24-26, 2023
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About Japan Expo Sud

Japan Expo Sud is THE event about Japanese pop and traditional culture, in the heart of Marseille in the South of France!

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Meetings, panels & autographs

Japan Expo Sud has many prestigious guests coming every year to meet their fans during signing sessions and to talk about their work, their careers, or their jobs during masterclasses and panels. Those guests are mangakaanime directors, chara-designers, producers, video game creators, musicians, singers, composers… who come all the way from Japan to meet you. Don’t miss the chance of meeting famous artists and of getting to know more about them.

Have a look at the history of all the guests of Japan Expo Sud previous editions on this page

Showcases & performances

Among the artists mentioned above, there are many bands and musicians performing on stage. All types of music are welcome on the Ichigo stage to show the various styles and sounds coming from Japan! Newcomers and experienced artists alike play as many styles as J-rock, RnB, J-pop, hard rock, electro… and also video game or anime music.

And as music has been part of Japanese culture since ancient times, traditional artists come and play shamisen, koto, sanshin, and more on the Sakura stage, as many enchanting instruments used in traditional music.

Workshops, games & activities

Japan Expo Sud is also the place to learn about Japanese culture and try new activities! Many workshops and initiation classes are organized to unveil to you the secrets of martial arts, figurine modeling, cosplay making, or many traditional activities such as ikebana, tea ceremony, calligraphy, and more.

Japan Expo Sud is also a huge playground! A place where all types of games await the attendees: games on stage (quizzes, blindtests, karaoke...), on the booths (among which the famous and traditional go and shôgi) and everywhere in the festival!

And of course, there are prizes to win with all those games, and you even get to choose what you want: you win Jens – the festival currency – and can then exchange them at the Jen shop. 

Video games

Video games are an important aspect of Japanese pop culture and of Japan Expo as well. Publishers, guests and various participants are part of it. You can come play video games on booths, try the latest releases or defy other attendees at tournaments. Video game creators, artists or producers also come to let you know more about their jobs and the video game industry.

Traditional culture

Japanese culture is fascinating in many ways and its traditions are among its most appealing aspects. Japan Expo Sud unveils those numerous aspects of Japan, developping the cultural and traditional program of the festival. 

On top of dance and music performances, and shows, many associations are part of it with activities and workshops, such as ikebana (flower arrangement), origami, tea ceremony, calligraphy, painting, traditional games, kimono, food or conferences about Japanese culture.


Japan Expo Sud is true to the tradition: in the southern sun, cosplay has pride of honor on its biggest stage – the Ichigo stage – with Cosplay Shows and in the last years, the WCS French selections – World Cosplay Summit, an international cosplay contest. 

Talented cosplayers get on stage in the most breathtaking costumes, hand-made, from their favorite manga, anime, or video games, to show outstanding performances. Like the parades on stage, the alleyways of the festival are full of thousands of characters and offer you the opportunity to see you favorite heroes come to life.

Sports & Martial arts

Martial arts are definitely part of Japan Expo Sud! The festival allows you to discover many disciplines: many clubs make demonstrations at the Budô area all day long and also propose initiationsNinjutsu, kendô, jûdô, jodô, aikidô, karate, shôrinji kenpô and many more: everything to have a good time and maybe chose your own martial way!

Puroresu has also landed at Japan Expo Sud! The pro wrestling ring, a popular discipline in Japan, proposes colorful matches for the adventurous. The bravest are invited onto the ring to give it a try.


Stores, Young Fashion Designers, young artists, magazines, webzines, fanzines, exhibitions, institutions, associations: Japan Expo Sud is THE place to be for the manga industry and Japanese culture!

With well-stocked booths, cultural products from Japan, all kinds of goodies, manga, information about travelling, games… you are bound to find something that will make you happy in the alleys of Japan Expo Sud


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