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Nuit Incolore

Discover the melancholic and poetic work of singer-songwriter Nuit Incolore through showcases and signings at Japan Expo Sud!

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It is during one of his many insomnia that young Swiss Théo Marclay finds his stage name: Nuit Incolore (colorless night).

After that, he spent his nights between the cold walls of his student room, composing songs, like melancholic poems, thanks to his author-composer-interpreter’s talents.

With 10 years of learning at a music conservatory, Nuit Incolore is able to set the scene, from his fingertips, for the doubts and pains inhabiting him thanks to the piano notes that set light on his mind’s darkest corners, like the hero of his own manga.


Since 2020, he released several EPs and singles such as Pleurs du soir (evening tears) and Plume Filante (shooting feather), and came back on December 09, 2021, with a new single Ep 1. Hors de moi (Ep 1. Out of me). It is the beginning of a new story he would like to share through songs like episodes from a TV show, and EPs like seasons, the first coming out at the beginning of 2022.

You can meet with him each afternoon of Japan Expo Sud: Friday, February 18, Saturday, February 19 and Sunday, February 20. He will be displaying showcases and signings. Don’t miss him!


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