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Dive into the world of cosplay!

Do you feel like a cosplayer? Or do you want to meet your favorite characters? For this 11th edition, enjoy the events and animations dedicated to cosplay! They are there just for you!

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Live shows

For the fifth time, the French selections of the World Cosplay Summit that bring together the best French cosplayers will take place at Japan Expo Sud. Festival visitors can attend a show on Saturday on the Ichigo stage. Among the jurors, find two renowned cosplayers, Shirogane-sama and Naraku Brock! Exchange with them on their respective stands! With Naraku Brock, learn the basics of cosplay during a conference on Sunday.

Admire the performances of cosplayers in their best costumes at the Cosplay Show on the Ichigo stage on Friday and Sunday !

Meet previous seasons participants of the European Cosplay Gathering, the largest European cosplay competition, at Japan Expo Sud. Don’t miss the opportunity to see Ami-Râle, Annshella, Korawui, LucioleS, Lynah, Milou, Nad, Nikita, Shibeez, Shiroku, Sikay, Sumsum et Tora&Koe.




On the booth of the association Cosplay Azurdiscover their most beautiful costumes and cosplay accessories. Icing on the cake: They also organize other activities to enjoy your moment! Mini-games, manga portrait workshops and karaoke: What a program! 

Want to experiment with your inner cosplay model or to immortalize your visit? Slander Cosplay invites you to participate in a shooting. See you at their booth! 

Are you curious about cosplay? Aoi Sora Cosplay awaits you at the "SOS Cosplay" workshop to answer questions about cosplay, costumes, sewing, DIY, makeup and more. And if your costume suffered during the festival, they’re here to help you fix it! 

Cosplay changing facilities


Do not want to take the transport in cosplay? Use the changing rooms set up at Japan Expo Sud and change on the spot!


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