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2004' Exhibitor FAQ

You may wonder about many things… To help you find a solution as quickly as possible, you will find on this page the answers to the most frequently asked questions!

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Q: Until when are registrations open?

A: Registrations are opened until the end of January. Yet, if there are available booths left after this date, we will gladly welcome new exhibitors.

Q: Where can I register?

A: To get a registration file or any other information, please contact us via this form (feel free to give us your contact and present your activity).

Q: I sent you an e-mail via the contact form but I didn’t get any reply.

A: We answer all the e-mails within 3 days. 
If we don't contact you, your e-mail address may have a problem. Try again with another e-mail address or send a mail.

Q: Can I organize some animation on my booth?

A: We wish to give as much entertainment as possible to the attendees. So we will be happy to hear about your project and help you achieve and promote it.

Q: Can I decorate my booth?

A: Of course. Customizing your booth is very important.
Yet be careful with any tablecloth, piece of material or any piece of decoration accessible to the public which have to be class M1 certified (safety/fire standards), which means that it has to be fireproof. Our safety manager is very strict about this and test things regularly with a lighter.
Concerning posters, take Scotch tape or Blue tack (no screw, thumbtack, pin or staples because you must give the booth back in a good state, otherwise you might pay for the damages).

Q: Can I raise my booth or lay it out differently?

A: You can arrange the equipment (tables, chairs…) of your booth as you like.
Yet, if you want to raise your booth, you have to order the required elements from us in order to respect the safety standards. Please contact us for more information about this.

Q: Where can I write to you by mail?

A: SEFA EVENT « Service Exposants »
14 Place Georges Pompidou
93160 Noisy-le-Grand

Q: Are the free entrances for one day only?

A: Yes, a free entrance is like a one-day presale ticket. It allows one person to enter the festival on one day during the public opening hours.

Q: Can I exchange free entrances for exhibitor badges?

A: No, you can’t. Badges and free entrances are completely different.
A free entrance allows its owner to enter the festival via the presale line during the presale opening hours. No one can enter via the exhibitor entrance with a free entrance.

Q: Is it possible to go out and come back later?

A: No, like in most professional events. Any exit is permanent.
Note that people with exhibitor badges can go in and out freely by the exhibitor entrances.

Q: Can I share my booth?

A: No. As said in the rules, an exhibitor cannot let, sublet or share, for money or for free, the whole or a part of his/her booth inside the festival.

Q: Will I get an invoice?

A: Yes, whether you’re an amateur, young designer or professional, you will have a bill for any service you ask for.
Our bills are sent by e-mail in pdf format.


Q: Can an electrical connection be shared between several booths?

A: The price specified in the application form is determined for the sharing of a connection between 3 booths at least. If this number is not reached, the order may be cancelled by the organizer. 
Extension cords and power strips have to be brought by the exhibitor.

Q: Concerning the cost of the electrical connection, what can I do if I want less or more than 750W? 

A: You can't order less than 750W. If you want more than 750W though, you can order multiples of 750W (1500W, 2250W, or 3000W). You just have to specify the number (2, 3, or 4) in the quantity box of the application file.

Q: Is there a maximum number of badges?

A: Yes, one amateur exhibitor can get 10 badges at most for the entire booth.

Q: Can we bring our own chairs/stools added to those of the booth?

A: Of course! Avoid grey/black chairs which might look like those of the installer!

Q: Can we bring one more table?

A: Yes but it has to be put on the surface of your booth.

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