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General Questions

You have a question about the venue, bag check, lost and found...? We have the answer!

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Venue & access

Q: When is Japan Expo Marseille being held?

A: Japan Expo Marseille usually takes place in late February or early March. The upcoming edition will be held on March 08-10, 2024.

Q: Where is Japan Expo Marseille being held?

A: Japan Expo Marseille is taking place at Marseille Chanot – Exhibition and Convention Center in Marseille, France. 
The entrance is in allée Ray Grassi, Gate A, for pedestrians, and through Gates B and C for cars. Click here for more information.

Q: I don’t know how to get there. I need directions to Japan Expo Marseille.

A: Train, car, plane, bus, metro…: click here to get all the directions!

Q: Is there parking at the event center?

A: Yes! Parking fees go from €5 to €6 per day. 

Q: Where is the entrance?

A: It’s all indicated. You just have to follow the signs and Japan Expo Marseille'sstaff:

  • When you arrive, you first go through security checks.
  • Then, you’re shown the lines: the festival staff and signs will show you which line to take depending on your ticket type. 

Q: What time does the festival open?

A: From 9.00 am if you get presale tickets.

Q: What time does the festival close?

A: The festival closes at 6.00 pm every day.

Q: Will there be ticket offices on-site?

A: No, there will be no cashier on site. Please get your tickets via our website.

Q: I’m underage and I’m going to the festival with my friends. Will I be allowed in?

A: The entrance is allowed to underage. We advise parents to come with their children or to make sure that children and teenagers are accompanied by an adult. In any case, parents are the only ones responsible for their children.

Q: Are there smoking areas at the festival?

A: Yes, smoking areas set in the outside are made available for the attendees. 

Q: Can I come to Japan Expo with a pet? 

A: No. Animals are forbidden inside the festival. Leave them at home, and you’ll spare them a stressful day!


Q: Can I go out of the festival to my car and then come back in?

A: No, you cannot, even for a few minutes. All exits are definitive (except for Zen Ticket owners), and if you go out, you will have to buy another ticket to get back in. 

Yet, if you have items that cannot go through the security checks, before the festival entrance, you can go back to your car and drop them off before entering the festival.

lost & found

Q: If I lose something at Japan Expo Marseille, how can I get it back?

A: All found items are brought to the Info Desk during the festival. Go there to ask if yours has been found. 

Q: What if it's found after I've left? How can I get it back after the show?

A: Send us an e-mail at objets-perdus@japan-expo.com, and we'll check if it's been found. If it has, we'll get back to you. 

Other questions

Q: I have another question! What do I do?

A: You can read the attendees' guide here and the other information pages, and if it still does not answer your question, send us a message and we’ll find the answer! Use the "Contact us" section of the website and be careful when choosing the type of request, it will be easier for us to find the answer.

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