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Crowd Control & Entrance Lines

You're wondering how the lines are set up at Japan Expo Sud? You're worried about too much crowd? We organize controls at the entrance to make sure everything goes well from the moment you arrive. To be ready on D-day, read what follows!

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To guarantee your safety and well-being, you are guided from the moment you arrive and at every step that will lead you to the festival entrance:

  • safety barriers are set up to manage the flow 
  • signs indicate where you have to go
  • Japan Expo Sud staff members help you and guide you to avoid dangerous crowd waves

Also, the number of tickets sold is always limited to the capacity of the halls. This way, anyone with a ticket is sure to be allowed in and to enjoy the festival.  

To get ready, discover every step of your arrival below.

1. Sanitary checks

Regarding health measures, the latter will be specified in accordance with the rules established at the moment of the festival by the government. 

All attendees will have to be in accordance with the current rules at this time and go through sanitary checks if necessary. 


Hand sanitizer will be available in several points of the festival.

2. Security Checks

After sanitary checks, you will be led to security checks. 

Due to the security level (Vigipirate), all attendees must go through security checks before entering the festival. 

The current security rules may change before the event. 

3. The lines

After security checks, the attendees are invited to line up in the line corresponding to their type of ticket:

  • the presale line if you already have a 1-day ticket, a week-end pass, or a 3-day pass
  • the line dedicated to Zen Ticket holders
  • the cash desk line if you need to buy tickets

Priority people, disabled people, people with strollers or young children, pregnant women, people who can’t stay standing are led to the priority line

A free ticket will be given to people who benefit from free entrance at the entrance of the festival.  

This concerns children under 8 and the companions of people with disabilities with a card or justification mentioning the need for a companion or blindness. In both cases, you'll need to show a justification. 

4. Entrances & Cash Desks

From 9.00 am, people with tickets are led to the entrance of the festival after ticket control.
Zen ticket owners are allowed in from 8.30 am.

From 10.00 am, people without tickets are led to the festival cash desks to buy their entrance tickets. 

People with disabilities


Attention, a special line is dedicated to disabled people at the entrance.

For those people, the entrance is open at 9.00 am if they have a ticket and at 10.00 am if they have to buy a ticket.

Free entrance:

Only children under 8 and the companions of people with disabilities with a card or justification mentioning the need for a companion or blindness, can benefit from the free entrance. In both cases, you'll need to show a justification. 
A free ticket will be given them at the entrance of the festival. 

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